Law Number : 671

Date of Adoption : November 11,1925

Date and No. of Publication in the Official Gazette : November 28,1925 - 230

NOTE: This translation made by myself is unofficial and for information purposes only. All rights of it are reserved as a translation anyway. Read this page first, please. Click "ŞAPKA İKTİSASI HAKKINDA KANUN" for full Turkish text of the Law.

Article 1- The members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, civil servants and employees who are the members of general, special and local administrations and any kinds of institution, shall be obliged to wear the hat adopted by the Turkish nation. Turkish people’s general headgear will be hat and the government shall prohibit the continuation of a habit contrary to that.

Article 2- This law shall enter into force from the date of publication.

Article 3- This law shall be enforced by the Grand National Assembly and the Council of Ministers.

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