Law Number : 657

Date of Adoption : July 14,1965

Date and No. of Publication in the Official Gazette : July 23,1965 - 12056

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General Provisions

Scope, Objective, Basic Principles, Employment Forms


Article 1 – (As Amended: May 30,1974 – Decree-law - 12/1 st Art. Adoption exactly: May 15,1975 - 1897/1 st Art.)

This law shall also be applied related to the officers working in General and Annexed Budget Institutions, Provincial Special Administrations, Municipalities, unions established by Provincial Special Administrations and Municipalities, organizations with circulating capital bound to them, funds established by law and surety funds or Regional Directorates of Pysical Training.

Special provisions prescribed by this Law shall be applied to contract empoyees and provisional personnel.

(As amended: February 19,1980 - 2261/5 th Art.) Members and substitute members of the Constitutional Court and their rapporteurs; those who have been in judgeship and prosecutorship professions or professions that are regarded as them, members of profession of the Council of State and the Court of Accounts, prosecutors and assistant prosecutors of the Court of Accounts, academic members and assistant academic members of Universities, Institutes of Economics and Commercial Sciences, State Engineering and Architectural Academies, State Fine Arts Academies, Institute of Public Administration for Turkey and Middle East, members of of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Artisans of Squad of Janissary Band of the General Staff, artisan officers of expert officers, expert officers and trainees of them who make implemented, of the State Theater and State Opera and Ballet, Municipality Opera and Theaters, and artisan and city and municipality conservatories and orchestras; personnel working in Sports-Toto Organization; military officers, non-commissioned officers, specialist gendarmerie, specialy trained privates with rank, and contrcat privates with rank and privates and members of the Security Organization shall be subject to their respective special laws.