Law Number : 854

Date of Adoption : April 20,1967

Date and No. of Publication in the Official Gazette : April 29,1967 - 12586

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Scope of the law

Article 1 – This law shall be applied to seamen who work with a labor contract and their employers on vessels with a hundred and more gross tonnage, carrying the Turkish flag on seas, lakes and rivers.

In case the sum of gross tonnage of the vessels belonging to the same employer is one hundred or more, or the number of seamen employed by the employer is 5 or more, the provision the first paragraph shall be applied.

In the implementation of this law; the things that are like sandal, barge, shatt and lighter shall also be considered (ship).

The Council of Ministers is authorized to extend the provisions of this law to the vessels and seamen and their employers excluded from the paragraphs above partially or wholly with respect to the economic and social necessities.

Objections to be made due to the inclusion of the vessels written in the above paragraphs into the scope of this law shall be examined and resolved by the Ministry of Labor. These objections can not stop the application of the law.