Law Number : 4686

Date of Adoption : June 21,2001

Date and No. of Publication in the Official Gazette : July 5,2001 - 24453

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General Provisions

Purpose and scope

Article 1 – The purpose of this Law is to regulate the procedures and principles regarding international arbitration.

This Law is applicable related to disputes bearing a foreign element and the place of arbitration determined as Turkey or disputes about which the provisions of this Law have been chosen by the parties, the arbitrator or the boards of arbitrators.

The provisions of the Articles 5 and 6 of this Law shall also be applied in cases where the place of arbitration determined outside of Turkey.

This law, shall not be applicable in disputes concerning rights in rem on the immovables located in Turkey and in disputes that are not subject to the will of the two parties.

Resolution of disputes arising from public services in which the foreign element is existent and from concession contracts and stipulations shall also be subject to this Law pursuant to The Law Dated January 21,2000 and Numbered 4501 With Regard To The Principles To Be Observed in Case of Application To The Process of Arbitration Arising From Concession Contracts And Stipulations Related To The Public Services.

The provisions of the international conventions which the Republic of Turkey is a party to are reserved.