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Shape of Formal Attire:

1. The shape of the formal attire that Atttorneys have to wear while on duty shall be in the form of the sample stored in sealed at the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey.

2. According to this sample, the formal attire shall consist of three colors. The overall appearance is black. The collar is red, the outer surface of the front side is shiny black thoroughly, the back surface of that black colored area and sleeve covers are green. The seam at the bottom of the collar is closed with the silver thread.

3. The width of the red collar is in 6 cm., silver thread at the bottom of the collar is in 1 cm, the outer surface of the green sleeve cover is in 10 cm., the part turning into the sleeve of it is in 5 cm., the shiny black in the front is in 10 cm. and the green at the back is in 18 cm. width.

4. The samples of the formal attire which is existent at the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey and that were sent to the bar associations, shall be kept at bar centers. Attorneys have to wear the attires which their colors and shapes are consistent with the colors and shapes of these samples. Color and shape consistency will be provided by bar associations and inappropriate ones shall not be allowed to be worn.