Thank you for visiting my site.

A few years ago while downloading some legal information in categories into my computer, I decided to build a website.

But I wanted to do it on my own. There are two reasons for this. First of all I enjoy designing. Secondly I didn’t want to be depended to anyone in a long period technically.

Finaly I can prepare and publish every page of my site by myself. Even though it seems simple, I must say that there is a great labour behind it.

My aim is to make use of my leisure time and make contribution to the general knowledge of the law.

In long term, I am planning to transform this site into a dictionary of legal terms and add an English equivalent to every Turkish page.

In this way I hope that my site will be beneficial to those who knows Turkish in respect of "Legal English" and for those who knows English in respect of "Turkish Law".

Besides, I wish to add an accessory page to every page including quotes, poems, proverbs etc. that I like in future.

I will be pleased if the visitors send e-mails with the purpose of contribution, criticism or correction about my site.



The information included in this site is in general and abstract quality and has a purpose to enhance familiarity to the terms and concepts of the Turkish Legal System and contribute to general legal information only and it may have lost its up-to-dateness or accuracy for continuous alteration and improvement in the law.

No matter under what name or title it is, no any guarantee is given for accuracy, correctness or up-to-dateness of the information included in this site and no any liability is assumed towards the persons who benefit from it.

It is always recommended to consult to a competent attorney for concrete matters since every event may have special feature and distinctness in itself.

All rights are reserved. The information available here may partly be quoted provided that it is given reference.